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Our Services

Consulting & Training

We work with ‘conscious business’ organizations to help their teams fast-track innovation with old systems that lead to exclusion. We help those teams build awareness of psychological safety, elevate self-awareness to inspire personal ownership of inclusive behaviors, and we help team leaders build and extract diversity of thought.  


These proprietary, team-based training labs inspire new ideas from your team using a globally-renowned creative thinking methodology, anchored in Systematic Inventive ThinkingTM. We help them innovate outdated or exclusive processes that inhibit safety and inclusion. And we deliver real-time feedback on how the team is showing up in their small groups, to foster learning of more inclusive behavior.

The impacts of a more inclusive, diversity-balanced team are stronger go-to-market ideas (from proven impacts of diversity of thought and gender-balanced teams), stronger engagement of those who are under-represented, and a more authentic reputation of an organization that doesn't just value diversity but embeds it into the culture and daily business practices. 

Propelle's proprietary Inclusive Innovation Labs empower teams to create next-level, low-stakes inclusion strategies that can be implemented immediately.  Let us help you bridge the gap between DEI awareness-building and best-in-class inclusive leadership at all levels.

Individual & Team Development

High performance cultures are built by inclusive leaders who are self aware, motivated to grow and aligned with organizational goals and values. We support these team members to elevate responsiveness, improve effectiveness in their jobs, optimize relationship capital, and take ownership of their behaviors and careers. We offer best in class coaches and tools to ensure inspired clientele and measurable results.

Speaking Engagements

Our speakers bring life-long careers of pursuing innovation and leadership effectiveness with clients, and turning awareness into behavior change. Recent Topics: The Dangers of Fixed Thinking, Inclusive Innovation Playbook, Effectiveness is Doing the Right Things, The Profitable Power of Perspective: How Diversity of Thought Will Rescue the Marginalized, Building Resiliency and Inclusion to Boost Team Morale.